Russell Hill     

Planned Development


The proposal seeks to provide a contemporary new flatted development on Russell Hill, providing a good standard of modern accommodation over three levels. It provides for level access and M4(3) standards together with a contemporary confident architectural style and material quality to raise the standards of development on the street. The site is in a unique position with both a front elevation and side elevation publicly visible to the local context. The street elevation is sheltered by the existing trees and the position of the building, partly set into the slope. Whilst the footpath, western elevation, provides a full side elevation, which has been carefully considered in both its form and material quality to provide a positive contribution to the local area. The gable roof provides for a strong architectural form in the local area, refer to the context appraisal on pages 7-9. The proposal seeks to explore this gable roof form beyond the standard approach, a crown topped roof gable faces the street and this is extruded back to the rear elevation. The gable form is split on all four sides to reduce the bulk of the structure, and this is also projected forward on the front elevation to stagger and fragment the façade to the street.